Below are some of the most common questions that we are asked about our church. If you have any questions that are not answered below, shoot us an email at

Q. What should I wear? The answer is simple. You come in what you feel comfortable wearing. At any given service, you will see some in jeans, suits, shorts or a variety of other clothes. The important thing is that you are here. Each person who comes through our doors are special to us and we care more about you as a person than what you wear.

Q. What kind of music is used in the worship service? Our Sunday morning worship service would be considered “unified”. We normally have both contemporary music with a blend of the classic hymns. During our time of worship, we have a variety of instruments and opportunities to worship! The important part is not the “style” of music, but it is the worship of the Living God. We know that music is a great avenue to worship the Lord, so we try hard to offer a variety of styles to help draw people into worship.

Q. Do you have something for our entire family or my kids? The simple answer is YES! We are a very family friendly church and we offer many exciting opportunities for all ages to grow in Christ and thrive in a loving community of faith here at West Point. Every service has something for the youngest infant, children, youth, adults and seniors. Take a look around the site and if you still have questions, let us know so we can help point you in the right direction.

Q. How long are the Sunday morning services? The Sunday Morning Worship service normally lasts a little over an hour.

Q. How do I join West Point Baptist Church? Church membership is special. When someone comes to join the church, they are not joining a building or an organization. Instead, they are joining a family or a community of believers. By joining, you are saying that you love the people and want to be an active participant in the life of this family of Believers to help serve in the goal of “pointing the world toward Christ.” If you feel you are being led to join together with the West Point family, a great starting point would be to speak with one of our pastors or a deacon of the church. We would love to be able to talk with you more about this.

Q. What denomination is the church? Keeping in mind that we are autonomous and answer to no larger organizations, as a church, we call ourselves Southern Baptists. We do affiliate with the Southern Baptist Convention and support the Southern Baptist Convention through our Cooperative Program (missions) Giving and the North Carolina Baptist State Convention. We are also a member of the Cabarrus Baptist Association.